Modern wet painting robot line

Wet paints have excellent corrosion prevention properties, good weather resistance, and mechanical and chemical durability. Wet painting is a good solution for coating products when the material or certain parts of the product don’t allow other types of paint to be used. For example, the heat resistance or size or weight of an object may prevent powder coating. Wet painting may also be chosen based on the color or special properties provided of the paint.

Silk and tampo printing

Our silk and pad printing unit can solve client demands quickly and with good quality.

Manual painting

Manual painting is an ideal solutions for small quantities when robot setup is not sensible. Our modern and automatic heat owen will be used if needed.

Support function

We perform Glass-, Al- and Metallic blasting for small parts. Also we perform flame-proof painting in accordance with different standards and quality requirements, or surface treatment to the stress class required by the object.