Top-quality industrial surface treatments, assembly and silk screen printing services. Enhance and protect your products!

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We are a Finnish company specializing in surface treatment and painting. We specialize in the surface treatment of demanding components. In addition, we are known for good delivery reliability and high quality of work. We are the largest operator in the Nordic and Baltic countries focused on the surface treatment of general goods.

The company continues to grow, with over 120 professionals in the team

Industrial surface treatments

Get top-notch surface treatment services for your business. 100 specialists offer quality, efficiency, reliability, and partnership. Contact us for painting, logistics, product dev, and training.

Expert services and product development

Innovative, cost-effective surface treatment solutions. Improve product properties, create functional surfaces. Reduce friction, inhibit bacteria growth, increase durability. Energy-efficient coatings available.


assembly and Silk Screen printing

Comprehensive project management from silk printing to assembly and logistics. Trust us to handle everything for you – procurement, storage, and product assembly with treated surfaces.

advice and services

We would be happy to tell you how we have solved problems relating to materials, methods and processes. We will inform you about how to apply our solutions to the business operations of your company.